The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation in Crete Fertility Centre.

Various gynecological procedures are now available for women, bringing relief from discomfort, reassurance, and comfort. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is one of these unique therapies. It covers all aspects of remedial operations for the vagina, such as tightening or treatments to increase lubrication. These operations are typically carried out to address potential postpartum issues. These disorders include urine incontinence, lack of lubrication, and lack of tightness in the vagina.

As postpartum problems can impact a woman’s sense of well-being and sexuality or even its anti-aging behaviour, vaginal rejuvenation is growing in favor. According to studies, 40% of women experience psychological distress as a result of sexual dysfunction, which is why many choose vaginal rejuvenation. There isn’t just one approach to this. To control this, there are injections, creams, surgery, and non-surgical techniques.

Why do women want vaginal rejuvenation?

Because the vagina is an elastic muscle, it can enlarge during pregnancy and as a person ages. For obvious reasons, it increases during childbirth because the mother needs to push the baby out. Age-related hormonal changes, however, weaken the muscle and the connective tissues that surround it. As a result, the vagina may become less stretchy. Lack of estrogen can cause the vaginal walls to thin, which causes one to experience a shift in diameter. The term for this is vaginal atrophy. Women want to return because of this loose feeling, which is where vaginal rejuvenation can help.

In order to improve their quality of life or for cosmetic reasons, women may undergo vaginal rejuvenation. Since many women develop stress incontinence after giving delivery, vaginal rejuvenation can help them. Before making a decision, a woman who wants this for cosmetic reasons should consider why she wants it.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Techniques

There are two ways to perform vaginal rejuvenation: non-surgically and surgically.

Non-Surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation

The non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation process has one popular technique that is carried out in Crete Fertility Centre with high success rates. This is the PRP vaginal rejuvenation. PRP, which is the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma, is injected into the clitoris and upper wall of the vagina in order to stimulate the growth of “younger” tissue and the expansion of stem cells. Growth factors released from the activated PRP cause the vagina and the tissue surrounding the clitoris to thicken and expand, making it easier to stimulate, enhancing sexual performance, and improving vaginal moisture.

Questions regarding PRP vaginal rejuvenation

Who may make a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation PRP treatments?

Most women can safely have vaginal PRP treatments, especially those who struggle with pelvic pain, stress incontinence, vaginal prolapse, or pelvic tension.  This therapy may encourage the formation of collagen in postmenopausal women acting as a reverse menopause technique. The vaginal remodeling restores the vagina’s original architecture to how it was before menopause. Women have noted less discomfort and better lubrication during intercourse.

What steps comprise the process?

When combined with the use of a laser beam, if necessary, the PRP’s high concentration of platelets and bioactive proteins causes the release of growth factors that are crucial for encouraging the development of collagen and elastin.

How much time does the process require?

It takes around an hour to complete the process from blood collection to processing and reinjection into the treatment region.

Is there any potential risk involved with this procedure?

Some women may be at risk for bleeding or infection. Although the majority of women do not experience this, the danger is quite low. .

Is this treatment permanent?

These procedures must be done over the course of numerous sessions because they are not permanent. PRP vaginal rejuvenation is transient even though a single treatment can produce results for up to 14 months. It is required to repeat the process, often a year after your previous treatment.

Surgically options

Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and vulvaplasty are surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation.


The vagina, which can loosen with aging or childbirth, is tightened during this operation. Vaginoplasty has been promoted as a procedure to boost confidence and self-esteem. Anesthesia is administered locally or regionally for the surgery. A half-length or full-length tightening is possible. Full length is 7-8 cms deep. Additionally, perineoplasty to reconstruct the perineum is typically included. 66% of women think their sex lives have improved as a result of this treatment.

However, some people have expressed concerns about side effects include hemorrhage, wound infection, constipation, and dryness, to name a few. Several instances of vaginoplasty include:

  • Clitoral unhooding: In this procedure, the tissue that covers the clitoris is removed.
  • Revirgination: Surgery can be performed to resemble the hymen’s original state before the lady had sex. The hymen breaks the first time a woman has intercourse.
  • G-spot amplification: It’s thought that the vagina’s front wall contains the g-spot, which is crucial for arousing and stimulating females. In order to boost the woman’s pleasure, collagen is injected into this area.


Labiaplasty is the process of remodeling the labia. Labia minora surgical reduction is what is entailed. This has gained a lot of traction. It alters the labia’s form or eliminates the asymmetries. After this procedure, hematomas, infections, and scarring are possible complications. After giving anesthetic, one might shorten or rearrange the lips. A laser or scalpel is used to remove the undesired tissue, then dissolving stitches are used to close the gaping wound.


The term “vulvaplasty” refers to vulva remodeling. This entails altering the vulva to take on a particular appearance.

Questions regarding surgery procedures

Who is eligible for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

A healthy woman who has the following problems can get surgery.

  • When exercising or engaging in sexual activity, she experiences pain or aches.
  • Her genital outlines have loosened or stretched.
  • She wants to make her genitalia look better.
  • After giving birth, she has less sensation during intercourse.

What is the surgical process for vaginal rejuvenation?

First, the patient receives anesthesia. If it’s a vaginoplasty, the tissues of the vaginal wall are tightened using sutures after the excess skin is removed. In the case of a labiaplasty, extra tissue is cut away to get the desired form.

Before deciding whether to have surgery, what questions should I pose to the doctor?

  • Will the operation impair my capacity for orgasms?
  • What advantages does this process offer?
  • What are the hazards, both immediate and long-term?
  • Will there be less sensation in the labia or clitoris after the procedure?
  • Can I use tampons and other feminine hygiene products of every kind?
  • Can sitting effect future pregnancies and deliveries?

Results of Vaginal Rejuvenation

After this operation, a woman will feel more at ease during strenuous activities or intercourse. Women will feel better orgasms and there will be more lubrication.

Vaginal rejuvenation can enhance the vagina’s behavior, relieving the woman of humiliation and improving her labia’s appearance, resulting in increasing the woman’s self-confidence.

Summing up

A woman’s vagina can be made lubricated, tighter, and less likely to experience stress incontinence through vaginal rejuvenation. Females may choose vaginal rejuvenation for aesthetic reasons as well. Sexual intercourse won’t hurt as much because her vagina is lubricated and tight, and she will love it. Because of her urinary incontinence, she will be forced to engage in all physical activities and live life to the fullest.

While a vaginal rejuvenation may be an answer to some real problems that women have. No matter what, no operation or technique can bring back a bodily component to its original condition when the woman was 18 years old. Therefore, vaginal rejuvenation is an excellent approach to avoid discomfort and shame, but one must be aware of and certain of the expected results.

The Crete Fertility Centre has excellent experience using PRP for vaginal rejuvenation. The vaginal PRP rejuvenation is a part of an all-encompassing plan designed to treat the aforementioned issues. It can also be used with other prp therapies, including enriched prp and ovarian rejuvenation, for a more thorough effectiveness.

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