Embryo selection through artificial intelligence: a systematic review

Embryo Selection & AI - Current Status What is the present performance of artificial intelligence (AI) decision support during embryo selection compared to the standard embryo selection by embryologists? AI consistently outperformed the clinical teams in all the studies focused on embryo morphology and clinical outcome prediction during embryo selection assessment. The experienced medical team

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How AI aids the prediction of embryo viability

Scientists recently have combined computer vision image processing methods and deep learning techniques to create the non-invasive Life Whisperer AI model for robust prediction of embryo viability, as measured by clinical pregnancy outcome, using single static images of Day 5 blastocysts obtained from standard optical light microscope systems. The Fertility Center of Crete has

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Artificial Intelligence can Enhance Embryo Selection in IVF

With approximately 70% accuracy, an AI algorithm can assist in determining whether the number of chromosomes in an in vitro fertilized embryo is normal or abnormal. An artificial intelligence (AI) tool has been developed by researchers that can identify in vitro fertilized embryos with aneuploidy, or an abnormal number of chromosomes, with about 70% accuracy

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Will IVF Change in the Future thanks to Artificial Intelligence?

AI in ART A well-known chemist once said, "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything changes." The same is true with artificial intelligence (AI); anything that it touches changes. The question of whether AI is useful in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) like it is in other industries thus emerges. When it comes down to

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Using AI for better results in IVF embryo selection

Crete Fertility Centre adds another innovative technique in its services. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to select the best embryo for the IVF procedure, significantly improving the chances of success. What is artificial intelligence embryo selection? Artificial intelligence is now capable of predicting the likelihood of an embryo to develop, reaching till the stage

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New study with great success in ovarian rejuvenation!

Crete Fertility Centre has once again been successful in getting a new journal article published in a well-known international magazine at the ovarian rejuvenation field. We are happy to announce that our study entitled "Intraovarian Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections: Safety and Thoughts on Efficacy Based on a Single Centre Experience With 469 Women"  is published in

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The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Various gynecological procedures are now available for women, bringing relief from discomfort, reassurance, and comfort. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is one of these unique therapies. It covers all aspects of remedial operations for the vagina, such as tightening or treatments to increase lubrication. These operations are typically carried out to address potential postpartum issues.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Nowadays, most people have heard of the well-liked vaginal rejuvenation treatment for women. For those who are unaware, it is a short hour process that involves tightening the vaginal structures and muscles on both the inside and outside to improve vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. Vaginal relaxation, a frequent disorder connected to childbearing and

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Reverse aging and fertility – What you need to know

The term anti-aging or reverse aging can be found in many places. Advertisements, life and fertility magazines and in numerous other points. At the end, what does the meaning of anti-aging term? Here, we will take a thorough insight at the definition of anti-aging. We will also discuss how reverse aging treatments such as

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The role of oxidative stress in ovarian aging – A new study

Ovarian aging refers to the process by which ovarian function declines until eventual failure. An interesting review regarding ovarian aging has recently published by Yan, F. et al. Summary The study claims that the pathogenesis of ovarian aging is complex and diverse. Oxidative Stress is considered to be a key factor. This review focuses

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