MiOXSYS – Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

The new treatment against male infertility

Checking a man’s fertility is just as important as checking a woman’s infertility before attempting IVF. Recent studies have shown that male factor is responsible for infertility at a percentage of 60% in infertile couples. A first step in investigating male infertility is simply examining a sperm diagram where it examines the fundamental parameters of sperm quality such as sperm concentration, motility and morphology.

However, more than 40% of men have a reduced reproductive function even though they have normal sperm parameters. Therefore, mere examination of the sperm diagram is not enough and further testing is needed such as measuring oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation.

Oxidative stress seems to be the “secret” enemy for semen. About 80% of the causes of male infertility are associated with oxidative stress which affects the rate of DNA fragmentation.

But what is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is called the disturbance in the balance of oxygen-free radicals in the sperm. Normally, small quantities are produced which are necessary for the functioning of sperm however they must be neutralized and removed. Smoking, malnutrition, obesity, prolonged sexual abstinence, excessive exercise as well as medical history (varicocele, trauma or testicular malignancy) are the factors that lead to a dramatic increase in these free radicals in the sperm and thus imbalance.

Measurement of oxidative stress

Oxidative stress measurement is an indicator of the sperm’s ability to remove free oxygen radicals. New technologies, such as the MiOXSYS Analyzer, now available at MIYA Crete Fertility Center, allow fast and accurate real-time measurement of oxidative stress in sperm samples. This measurement can be done after 2-3 days abstinence and in combination with simple sperm chart examination.

Which men should do the oxidation test (ORP)?

Any man who wants to do a more thorough sperm check can do so with MiOXSYS Analyzer.

However, the oxidation test with MiOXSYS Analyzer is highly recommended:

    • couples with a history of repeated miscarriages or failed assisted reproductive efforts
    • couples facing idiopathic male infertility
  • men with reproductive tract infections (eg prostatitis)
  • men with aggravating lifestyles (eg smoking, obesity, lack or overwork, etc.)

How does the oxidation test (ORP) help?

The information given by this test is important both in planning the couple’s treatment and in not wasting valuable time. The results of the oxidation test can help determine an antioxidant treatment and of course may indicate that some changes in a man’s lifestyle such as a particular diet, alcohol restriction, smoking, etc. would be beneficial.

Since the male factor is responsible for about half of the cases of infertility, in any case, discussion with the assisted reproductive specialist can help personalize and optimize the patient for a positive outcome.

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