Enriched PRP

An advanced PRP method with impressive results

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an innovative regenerative therapy, which involves the application of autologous platelet-leukocyte-rich plasma containing growth factors and thrombin directly to the site of treatment. PRP treatment has been used broadly in several areas of medicine and aesthetics to relieve pain reduce inflammation, initiate healing and of course regeneration and rejuvenation of the tissues. The degranulation of platelets releases the biological factors into the site giving the beneficial effect.

To increase the efficiency of the PRP, Crete Fertility Centre started apply recently a novel technology by enriching and fortifying that with growth factors (Enriched PRP – EnPRP), derived from the own patient’s blood.

The most important benefit of the Enriched PRP – EnPRP is that contains over 10 times higher concentration of growth factors and cytokines.  Evidence from research shows that it is the growth factors that reside in the platelet granules that are responsible for inducing healing and regeneration. With this novel technique we managed to break the billions of platelets and directly get the growth factors and cytokines. So, we offer an extra energy to the ovarian rejuvenation process, by applying them directly. This way, we fortify and make more efficient the PRP effect on the ovarian stem cells. This treatment acts on the ovary, reversing the aging process of the follicles and awakening their development process. It is at least 10 times more effective and efficient from the PRP alone and it has direct and long-lasting effect.

Similar is the effect of the Enriched PRP – EnPRP to the uterine and vaginal rejuvenation. Regarding the uterine Enriched PRP – EnPRP, our first results revealed that it has greater efficacy on the endometrial growth and subsequently on the pregnancy rates, since pregnancy rate is increased with growing endometrial thickness. EnPRP makes the endometrium (lining) friendly for the embryos during an IVF or spontaneous pregnancy.

Regarding the vaginal rejuvenation or Orgasm shot (O-Shot), Enriched PRP – EnPRP is injected into the upper wall of the vagina and clitoris, triggering stem cells’ multiplication and “younger” tissue growth. Growth factors from the Enriched PRP – EnPRP promote collagen and elastin production inside the vagina and around the clitoris, causing its expansion due to tissue thickening, leading to easier stimulation, sexual enhancement and improved vaginal moisturization.

Overall, this method offers increased rejuvenation efficacy and efficiency, giving total control and total reliability. The feedback we take so far from our patients is positive and very promising.

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