Stem Cell Vaginal tightening

The stem cells live inside all of us in various tissues; their task is to repair damage as it occurs. We all know that when we have a cut or injury our body repairs itself. As we age or experience severe injuries, we may not be able to recruit enough of these cells to fully repair this area.

(Tremolada C, Ricordi C, Caplan AI, Ventura C. Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Lipogems, a Reverse Story: from Clinical Practice to Basic Science. Methods Mol Biol. 2016;1416:109-22).

The stem cells procedure contributes to the solution of this problem by extracting your own cells from an area of high volume, then concentrating the cells and re-injecting them into the damaged area to help the body recover naturally.

They are usually combined with non-invasive Plastic Surgery procedures to maximize the results. They hydrate/stretch the skin and remodel the collagen/fibronoblasts.

What does the treatment entail?

The cells that we are interested in collecting are called Mesenchymal cells since these cells have naturally regenerative properties. There’s a very high concentration of these cells in the fat tissue, the so-called adipose tissue. In a nutshell, what we do in the stem cells procedure is to remove a really small amount of your fatty tissue from your midsection. We then wash the tissue to get rid of any of the impurities and then re-inject the tissue back into the joint being treated.

What do I need to do to get prepared for my treatment?

No special preparations are required, other than making sure you drink plenty of water so you’re well hydrated on the day. Before treatment, we’ll ask you to update us upon your health, including any allergies you may have, and any medications you are taking (e.g. blood thinning medication).

What is going to happen on the day of the procedure?

Your stem cells procedure will be carried out at Crete Fertility Centre in maternity Hospital. The procedure usually involves having a local anesthetic (with sedation), so there is only a short recovery time and you’ll be able to return home the same day.

Treatment with stem cells involves 3 steps:

Step one – Harvesting: Fat is removed from your hip or abdomen. This procedure, which takes around 30 minutes, is usually carried out using a local anesthetic while you are sedated and normally involves performing two small incisions (cuts) of about 1cm to enable the fat to be removed using a water-assisted suction tool.

Step Two-Processing: the regenerative cells are separated from your fat tissue. Your cells aren’t changed in any way and no other chemicals are added.

Step Three-Implantation: your adipose cells are injected it the vagina, mostly in the anterior wall.

What should I expect afterwards?

Stem cells adipose therapy is a one day procedure. Afterwards, you’ll be able to return home. Immediately after your treatment, you will be carefully monitored to make sure that you are feeling well and the incision areas have a quick and a good recovery. Most people don’t need to have stitches to close the incisions which should heal naturally. They can be covered with an absorbent dressing pad and compression wrap for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Before you leave, you will be given information about caring for your wound and a follow-up appointment date. You’ll also be provided with some advice on the post-operative medications.

How much fat do you remove?

It’s a very small amount of fat, around 50ml, approximately in the size of a “cappuccino cup”.

What is the recovery time like?

There is a minimal recovery time associated with the procedure. It is advisable that patients get some rest for 2-3 days after the procedure. Post-op patients will experience a dull aching pain in the joint for 2-3 days. However, the pain is not debilitating and can be alleviated with regular strength painkillers. Patients will be capable of returning back to full capacity within 5 days and the full effects of the treatment are apparent within 5 weeks.

What are the risks and side effects?

There have been no serious reported side-effects. However, as with any other injection, you may have some mild to moderate swelling at the affected areas. Stem cells treatment involves using only your own fatty tissue, with no other substances added. This means that the chances of infection or reaction to the treatment are significantly reduced. The treatment is carried out using a sterile technique; however, as with any injection or procedure, there is a slight risk of infection.

Why do you harvest the stem cells from the fat tissue and not from the bone marrow?

The harvesting of stem cells from bone marrow is an invasive treatment, conducted under general anesthetic that can be very painful. The access to the mesenchymal cells present in the fat tissue is easier and less painful. There is also research that proves that the quality of stem cells in bone marrow decreases significantly as you get older, especially in women. Age and gender factors have no effect on the quality of stem cells present in fat tissue.

I am traveling from outside of Greece; will it be possible to have my consultation and procedure on the same day?

Yes, if we are informed earlier, we can provide you with all the information regarding the procedure on the same day.


The Vaginal rejuvenation is a plastic gynecological procedure, which involves restoration and transformation of anatomy and anatomical functionality of the vagina in order to achieve more desirable experience during sexual life. During the procedure, the diameter of the vaginal canal is adjusted to any patients’ needs and prior environmental or physical impact. The procedure also restores, tightens and improves the overall tone of vaginal walls and may improve the anatomical functionality. In order to satisfy the needs of every patient, an individualized consultation and proceeding are conducted prior to surgical intervention.

How long do the results last?

With vaginal rejuvenation, your vagina is getting tight and essentially turning back the clock internally and externally in the vaginal area. Results vary among individuals depending on the patient’s primary concern. A touch up treatment could be done 6, 9, or even 12 months after your last initial series of treatments. Everyone is different, but like most tightening procedures, it will not last forever as you continue to age.


  • Efficient and long lasting results
  • Improves vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence

Our utmost priority is to cater to your needs and provide you with our assistance.

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