Stem Cell treatment

Stem cell treatment for ovarian rejuvenation – infertility – vaginal orgasm shot – recurrent abortions – oligospermia – impotence

The diminished ovarian reserve (infertility) problem can be treated with stem cell therapy using the patient’s own stem cells without any risks and side effects.
It can be applied to all women suffering from diminished ovarian reserve. The success rate of stem cell therapy of diminished ovarian reserve is 72% and above.

The cases for stem cell treatment

Ovarian reserve refers to the number of eggs in the ovaries of a woman. A woman with a high ovarian reserve has a high number of eggs (follicles) in her ovaries.

With advancing age, especially after the age of 35, the ovarian reserve of a woman, meaning the follicles (eggs) that provide the fertility, begins to decrease. The fact that the number of eggs is more or less does not indicate whether the woman’s eggs are of sufficient quality to give birth to a healthy baby.

In patients with ovarian dysfunction, ovaries display persistent chronic inflammation with an enormous number of lymphocytes and macrophages, thus improper inflammation causes abnormal folliculogenesis.

Αdipose/fat tissue provides an abundant source of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells for immediate administration and can also give rise to a substantial number of multipotent adipose-derived stromal cells (ADSCs). Recently, both SVF and ADSCs have gained wide-ranging translational significance in regenerative medicine.

How Stem Cell treatment works

Stem cell therapy can result in recovery of hormonal levels, follicular activation, ovarian angiogenesis and functional restoration.

Stem cells are natural healers that make up all tissues and organs in our body, have the ability to turn into cells they touch and have the ability to divide without any limit, and regenerate and treat our entire body. Therefore, it can be used in the treatment of infertility in women.

The success rate of the treatment is proportional to the patient’s age, the duration of the disease and the patient’s condition. As the disease may originate due to a problem in the endocrine system, all endocrinological examinations and tests shall be performed.

The number of cells to be administered is determined according to the age and weight of the patient. Treatment is carried out using mesenchymal stem cells (derived from the patient’s own adipose tissue. The treatment of the patient is decided according to the condition of the patient.

Adipose tissue is processed without any alterations and it is reduced to a micro suspension, which is immediately ready to be used on tissues, by favoring their repair. In a 2 ml suspension can be found up to 1,300,000 live cells. We are the only that use a specific device which guarantees the number of stem cells per ml. Therefore, this method is much more effective than others.

The use of a closed syringe lipoaspiration system featuring disposal microcanulas offers a safe and effective means of harvesting small volumes of adipose tissue and its accompanying stem cells, which are obtained by aspirating with a needle and a syringe the fat of the person who will undergo the treatment, placed in a laminar airflow bench. This procedure is done under a local anaesthesia or a light sedation.

The success rate in increasing the quality and/or number of eggs in the ovary is 72% and above.

Who is the candidate for Stem Cell treatment

It can be applied to women of any age if there is no endocrinological condition and/or if the treatment is completed and the patient is not still receiving any cell killer or radiotherapy treatment.

This type of treatment is recommended in case of:

  1. Oligospermia
  2. Impotence
  3. Infertility
  4. Amenorrhea
  5. Osteoporosis (the reduction in estrogen levels typical of early menopause puts bone health at risk)
  6. Depression or anxiety (they are related to the risk of infertility and a reduction in the level of oestrogen)
  7. Heart disease (early loss of estrogen can also affect the risk of cardiovascular events)
  8. Wellness procedure
  9. Vaginal Orgasm Shot therapy, to any woman seeking sexual enhancement, especially if low desire, vaginal dryness or urine incontinence are present
  10. In cases of recurrent abortions because it improves the endometrial receptivity

The results of Stem Cell treatment

The results of the treatment are:

  1. Increase in AMH level
  2. Reduction in FSH levels
  3. Increase in E2 levels
  4. Improvement of the size of the ovary
  5. Restoration of ovarian function
  6. Stimulation of follicle formation (increase in AFC)
  7. Resumption of menstruation
  8. Increase of pregnancy rates

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