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IVFIUIICSIPGD...! It all sounds like baby talk! Well they actually are! They are fertility treatments offered at Crete Fertility Centre, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, along with many other assisted reproduction procedures, such as egg donation and embryo donation, in order to enable you give birth to one of us.

Who we are? We are some of the over 6.000 children that were born with the assistance of Dr. Fraidakis at Crete Fertility Centre throughout the past 30 years and we will be your hosts on this website.

Dr. Fraidakis thought that nobody could explain better the miracle of Life than the Miracle itself-us. So we assembled a high tech team and we created this website, to become your detailed scientific guide to fertility treatments and assisted reproduction technologies (ART).

So... a very warm welcome from us all, the Children, Dr. Fraidakis and Crete Fertility Centre's Medical Team. It is our deepest wish to help you experience the blessing called Parenthood.


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