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The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Various gynecological procedures are now available for women, bringing relief from discomfort, reassurance, and comfort. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure is one of these unique therapies. It covers all aspects of remedial operations for the vagina, such as tightening or treatments to increase lubrication. These operations are typically carried out to address potential postpartum issues.

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Can Sleep Quality Affect the Results of In Vitro Fertilization?

According to a study published in Scientific Reports, women who have low sleep quality may have less success with in vitro fertilization (IVF) than women who have better sleep quality. 263 women who were receiving services from the infertility department at Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, Italy, were recruited by

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Everything You Need to Know About Secondary Infertility

Detailed Information about Secondary Infertility Consider a scenario in which getting pregnant was simple, the pregnancy and delivery were relatively uneventful, and you now have a happy, healthy child. But when you and your partner decide to have a second child, things change and you struggle to conceive. You might be dealing with secondary

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7 Tips to Get Your Relationship Ready for IVF

Teenagers constantly hear how "simple" pregnancy is to get and how crucial it is to avoid it at all costs. Therefore, it might be a complete shock when you decide to have a baby as an adult and find out it won't be as easy as you thought. Nobody can adequately prepare you for

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Is it possible to get pregnant after menopause?

Getting pregnant after menopause is possible. The phrase "menopause baby" may have come up on social media or in a movie. Is it possible to naturally become pregnant after menopause? Menopause-related changes to a woman's body lead one to believe the answer is no. But that does not preclude women from getting pregnant before,

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What Effect Does Age Have on Fertility?

What impact does a woman's age have on her capacity to conceive and maintain a pregnancy? One of the key determinants of a woman's ability to conceive and give birth to a healthy child is her age. This is brought on by a number of alterations that come with aging, including: As a woman

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12 Things to Know About Emerging Therapies for Menopause Reversal

Is menopause reversal actually feasible ? New research makes the case that menopause reversal might be, if only momentarily. Melatonin therapy and ovarian rejuvenation are two potential treatments being studied by researchers. Each treatment seeks to lessen menopausal symptoms and restore regular ovulation. Some people have ovarian rejuvenation procedures Greek fertility physicians invented the

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Substance discovered that turns back the fertility clock

Before the age of 30, a woman's reproductive years are at their height. After that, fertility begins to drop; by the age of 40, it is around half what it was before the age of 30. Many women struggle with infertility, but a recent mouse study may be able to turn back the clock

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Exercising after embryo transfer good for health

Contradicting the theory of mandatory rest after embryo transfer during an IVF cycle, a new research has revealed that resuming daily activities and generally exercising after embryo transfer helps in improving blood flow to the uterus and overall body. The results of the research Embryo transfer is a step in the process of assisted

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