Reverse aging and fertility – What you need to know

Reverse aging and fertility

The term anti-aging or reverse aging can be found in many places. Advertisements, life and fertility magazines and in numerous other points. At the end, what does the meaning of anti-aging term? Here, we will take a thorough insight at the definition of anti-aging. We will also discuss how reverse aging treatments such as ovarian rejuvenation geared at preserving your fertility improving your quality of life. Read on to learn how you can have an anti-aging solution to reverse menopause and that ovarian rejuvenation is a powerful reverse aging and fertility treatment.

Redefining Anti-Aging

For many, the term anti-aging conjures images of airbrushed fashion models or legends of the fountain of youth. To truly understand the value of anti-aging medicine, we must first gain a new perspective and redefine “anti-aging.”

A better term for anti-aging treatments such as ovarian rejuvenation , vaginal rejuvenation and enriched prp would be pro-vitality, as that is what these youth-supporting treatments are actually focused on. They intend to increase the span of a person’s life during which they feel healthy, agile, and able to live life to the fullest. After all, what’s the point of living longer if you are not able to enjoy it? In regenerative medicine, anti-aging treatments are designed to extend the health of cells, repair damaged tissue, and rejuvenate the body to increase quality of life.

Treating Aging as a Disease

Advances in science, research, and technology have provided us with a deeper understanding of exactly what happens within the body as we age. The processes in the body that turns fuel into energy produces byproducts which cause deterioration of the surrounding cells. Much like a car produces exhaust as it burns gasoline, so too does the body produce its own form of exhaust. Internal byproducts or “exhaust” along with external toxins produce inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage, ultimately causing premature cell aging. The build-up of damaged cells can cause tissue breakdown, chronic inflammation, and impair the function of surrounding cells. This toxic environment leads to inflammatory changes in blood vessels, potentially triggering conditions such as cardiovascular disease, joint pain, mobility issues, and neuronal cell death leading to diseases like Alzheimer’s.

There is some debate over whether aging itself should be classified and treated as a disease. The molecular processes involved in aging play a role in all forms of life such as infertility. This new perspective has empowered doctors to find innovative ways to treat and reverse the damage caused by aging.

There are now more therapies, medicines and rejuvenation treatments available than ever before with the power to repair the damage caused by aging. However, the longer degeneration persists, the harder it is to reverse the damage. Using anti-aging treatments such as ovarian rejuvenation , vaginal rejuvenation and enriched prp that slow down or reverse the byproducts of aging early is one of the best things you can do to prolong your health and enhance your fertility status.

Anti-Aging Treatments and how they affect us

Once you have gained a deeper understanding of your body, there are numerous anti-aging treatments available in Crete Fertility Centre. These rejuvenation treatments can assist on the journey to achieving your ideal health and fertility which can also lead to natural pregnancy. Focusing on your ideal health is an important distinction because the journey is not the same for everyone.  All anti-aging treatments will be more effective when used in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Reverse aging and fertility

Ovarian rejuvenation is one of the techniques that are carried out with significant success in Crete Fertility Centre.

Stem Cells can, under the proper biological stimulus, morph into any type of cell in the human body, including eggs. The presence of Stem Cells in the ovaries and their transformation into mature oocytes (egg cells) has been demonstrated in mice by Harvard researchers. Stem Cells have also been shown to be present in the human ovary. So it is quite possible that they can be transformed into eggs by Growth Factors contained in the individuals’ own white blood cells and platelets which have been injected into the ovary.

Injections of Growth Factors, when used for many other types of medical treatments, are made from a patient’s own blood and blood cells.

Another anti-aging therapy that can be used is vaginal rejuvenation. Some of nowadays issues are the loss of desire, sexual dysfunction and performance or urine incontinence affect millions of women on a daily basis. Independently of the age a woman has, these are factors that affect negatively her life. The vaginal rejuvenation is part of an integrative approach designed to treat the above-mentioned disorders. It can, also, be combined with uterine and ovarian PRP rejuvenation treatment for a more holistic approach, all of them provided in Crete Fertility Centre.

The Future of Anti-Aging Treatments

As research continues and our understanding of the aging process deepens, new and exciting therapies, medications, and treatments are constantly being developed for reverse aging and fertility. Our experience in the field of fertility has been evident by the study that we have done and it has already been published. It includes data from 2017 – 2018 and it is the most extensive study in the world as far as the number of the patients are concerned. In a short while, our new study with a sample of about 500 patients will be published which will prove our new data which is even more encouraging and exceptional.

Currently, the advanced Enriched PRP (EnPRP) method has been performed in our clinic by direct injection of proteins and growth factors into the ovaries after special treatment and centrifugation of platelets.

Aging Gracefully and Healthfully

The benefits of individual anti-aging treatments such as ovarian rejuvenation , vaginal rejuvenation and enriched prp are significant and obvious in a short period of time. At Crete Fertility Centre, we take a truly personalized approach to regenerative medicine and provide individualized treatment recommendations. These are based on each patient’s unique medical history, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and health, wellness and pregnancy goals.

Health and fertility maintenance is a possibility. You have a variety of anti-aging therapies at your disposal if you want to improve your life and pregnancy status and make the most of the time you have left to live it to the fullest.

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