Dr Fraidakis at 35th ESHRE Annual Meeting

The scientific director of Crete Fertility Centre, Mattheos Fraidakis, attended the 35th Annual Meeting of the European Community of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) held in Vienna on June 23-26, aiming in providing information on the latest developments in human reproduction. During the sessions of the conference, Mattheos Fraidakis met with well-known colleagues and associates

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Greetings from Australia!

The German family who lives in Australia and came in Crete Fertility Centre to make their dream come true have their 2-years birthday for their happy children! Hallo liebe Vivi, lieber Dr Fraidakis und Team! Wir hoffen Ihnen geht es gut und Sie sind gesund? Keine Ahnung ob unser Mail zu Weihnachten Sie erreicht hat

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Weight loss before fertility treatment may improve pregnancy odds for women with PCOS

Overweight and obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may have a greater chance of becoming pregnant if they lose weight before beginning fertility treatment, according to an analysis of two studies funded by the National Institutes of Health. It is known that women’s fertility declines with age. These findings support delaying fertility treatment in

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Infertility Treatment, Options Abound

The subject of infertility has always been a sensitive issue and, more often than not, one that does not get the focus it deserves. Recently Time Magazine even went so far as to call infertility ‘one of the last great cultural taboos’. The fact is that those who don’t find it difficult to conceive never

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